BLAST OFF and Countdown

Do you know how much energy is required to start something new?

It seems like a lot.

Necessity is the mother of invention we have been told all our lives.  Is it because until the moment demands more of us we are inclined to stay with who and what we know because it is comfortable?  We are used to it.  Maybe we tend to follow others or just don’t have the zeal or zest to grab the most we can from life.

For some it’s a lack of faith in themselves, or in life so they live small lives where they could be seizing moments and having a life full of great moments, peak moments and much more joy.  As my mother was always saying to me: “ It’s entirely up to you” .  I don’t think I ever knew how significant  that statement was. It was her favorite and now after all these years I take in its wisdom.  It’s entirely up to me to create joy and harmony and health and every good thing.  No one saves us from us and we wont save us from us either unless we are willing to “ Blast Off”,  take off and somewhat radically do things differently, think differently.  It isn’t too late unless of course you tell yourself it is.  

In grade school we all learned the word “ inertia”.  I can remember being told that a state of inertia is when there is resistance of something to any change in its direction.

I surely then have some inertia then. How about you ?  We long for change in so many areas but there is inertia ! What can we do ? What are we willing to do?

Things will remain the same with inertia, unless it is acted upon by an external, different, and greater force. 

Sunday we are talking about a countdown to a blast off. We will have concrete steps for you to consider to ignite your life.  We know you deserve the best and we will be considering how to “ blast off’ and get there.  You can’t lose with the stuff we use Rev Ike long ago said. There is power available to overcome inertia, pandemics and any condition. That power is in you now looking to come forth!

Many Blessings

Life is certainly there for us and responding to us all the time.  The Law of Mind reminds us of this.


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